Tuesday, September 4, 2018

My First Day

Today, was my first day.

I showed up, not as Mommy or Wife, but as Gina.  And although it was the mommy and wife roles that helped to process me to bring me to this day, Gina showed up today to stake her claim.  I've been wife for 20 years and Mommy or trying to be a Mommy for almost 10.  Today I began to sketch out the new imprint that I will embody.

First day of Seminary.

Zj had prayed for me. She said she had hoped that if there were any bullies, at my school, I would have the words to make them get away from me.

Isaac kissed me goodbye and handed me my specially prepared lunch.

I had so many emotions and swirling. I’m I good enough? Can I do it?

I got emails and text messages from loved ones affirming my ability and faith in God. Thank you!

Even people I had recently met since orientation took time out to wish me well on my first day.

I was nervous.

First up on deck was my dreaded Hebrew class. I studied in advance so I was prepared as best as I could.

As I sat in class my thoughts tried to betray me with insecure words. I shooed them away with

I am great
I am brilliant
I have courage
God is with me
It’s my time
I belong here

The professor began the class singing to us in Hebrew. We had no idea what he was saying but it was so beautiful. Tears welled in my eyes and I worshiped in my heart.

He repeated and then asked us to sing it back to him. When we finished he let us know what we had just sung. It was the opening verse to to Book of Genesis .

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."  ~ Gen. 1:1

He continued to lecture using podcasts, poems, art and various other informants to communicate about the language and how there is no better age than now to be able to understand what this small group of people who encountered the God of the Heavens experienced.

He talked about the privilege of such an opportunity and its importance in the scope of current events and I was enlightened.

As we dove into into the work I felt inspired and capable. Dr Professor just lifted the learning of Hebrew from a very difficult chore to something ethereal.

I’m aware that it is going to be hard moving beyond my depth but it will be priceless in the end.

Today was my first day and it was worth it.


  1. well done, friend. What an exciting first day! You're a great writer.. I could feel what it was like to be there with you.. the singing, the excitement from your professor.. your feeling of amazement and belonging. Just having the opportunity to learn something new everyday.. a gift! Enjoy this time! you deserve it!

  2. Awesome way to begin G. Praying each and everyday will unfold like a gift that you cannot wait to open and see what it contains.