Saturday, March 4, 2017

What Are Instant Locs?

It has been three weeks since my locs were installed and after observing my pics many of you commented that my locs looked fully formed already.  Well.... actually they are.  Instead of starting with two strand twists, comb or finger coils, I started my locs with instant locs.  Instant locs leaves you with fully formed loc with no shrinkage. Whaaaa....? Yes!

"What Are Instant Locs?"Tweet: What are #instantlocs? find out #notb #lockjourney #locs #starterlocs

So to help you understand what I mean I'm going to show you the exact video my loctician used to explain the process to me.

I hoped that helped?

So armed with my requests of slightly smaller than pencil width locs and no tension hair line my loctian got to work and...

Have your questions about instant locs answered.


I think, between my loctician and I, we made the best choices for my hair type and lifestyle needs. I am very happy with my results and my installation experience.

Finding the right loctician was critical.  Here are 5 tips for finding the right loctician.

I look forward to seeing my hair flourish over the next few months!


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