Monday, March 13, 2017

Rough Day In The Mommyhood

Let me start by saying that at this very moment I feel that the solution to my problem is a seducing long stemmed goblet of luscious red wine.  Unfortunately I do not drink so no escape there.  However that is exactly what I feel I want - to escape.

Rough day raising kids
This pic says it all.  At the end of the day you are all looking crazy and perplexed and your kid(s) is bright
 and perky looking like what's next Mommy?!  In your mind you want to say, "Go sit down somewhere!"

Honestly, I'm tired. Mentally worn. The culmination of everything going on in my life has hit me.  For the last year hubby has been in grad school. What with assignments, 12 hour shift clinicals and 12 hour shifts working full time, Yeah, he's barely holding on but for Jesus.  Then for me the back flips of being a stay at home, homeschooling mom, not having family near and maybe some hormones, lol, have taken a toll on me.
Rough day in the mommyhood?You are not alone! Tweet: Have you every had a rough day in the #Mommyhood? You are not alone Come hear about mine! #momlife #parenting
Princess Talkalicous is good.  She is a driven, intelligent, bright light who entered the world embodying the principal of no is never final and all things are negotiable.  Her strong will and determination are admirable and needed but sometimes I just wish she would stop for goodness sake.  Everything is a battle.  She used to say that she couldn't wait until she was five because then she would be a teenager and no one would be able to tell her what to do.  Well, recently she turned five and to her dismay she is not a teenager and Mommy is still telling her what to do.

All jokes aside, today was rough!

As I write this note it is many hours past bedtime.   I can hear Princess singing to her bedtime CD ever so gently.  Most of what I wanted to achieve today did not happen.  I want to shout in there, "Go to sleep", but there have been too many raised voices, frustration and tears on both sides today.  So I resolve to reach deep, and I do mean deep, and extend love and grace to her once again.

Tonight I pray, center myself and rest.

Tomorrow I rise positively looking for better and start again.

In the meantime... Moms Night Out! ...anyone?


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  1. Funny and touching post. Love the Princess Talkalicious nickname! Keep up the good work.