Saturday, November 12, 2016

Prayers For My Little One

Here are the prayers mentioned in Teaching My Child To Pray. I created these prayers for my daughter when she was born. I have prayed them over and over again throughout her life.  So much so she knows them by heart.  I created them in a way that they would be launching pads for discussion and more in depth prayer as she grew.  

Evening Prayer

Dear God
You alone are God
Thank you for today
Thank you for your loving kindness and tender mercies
Thank you for providing for us
Please forgive us of our sins
Please remember my family and friends
And meet the needs of my neighbor
Protect us through the night
Give us wisdom in the morning
In Jesus name we pray

Morning Prayer

Father God
Thank you for another opportunity in this realm
Thank you for everything you have already provided for me to be a success in this day
I am a success
I pray that I remember to lift my eyes to you because you are my help
Cover and protect me
In Jesus name we pray


I bless this food
I thank you for providing it
In Jesus name


Here you will find prayer resources for children

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