Friday, February 12, 2016

Dear Body, A Love Letter Vol. 2

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I'm a big celebrant of Love but I have never gotten into Valentine's Day that much.

Last year, for V Day, I shared a post called Dear Body, A Love Letter in which I put a flip on the red day.  Instead of writing a letter to a loved one, I wrote a love letter to myself.  My body, to be exact.  Why, is the question I'm sure you are asking.  For years I have been experiencing a disconnect between the person I see myself as and the reflection in the mirror.  The, Dear Body, letter was a step toward closing that gap.  It was such a great exercise that I've decided to make it an annual review.

2015 was a doozie for my body.  My goal, for 2015, was to lose the last the last of weight and to go into maintenance. Life, being full of drama, had other plans.  I started the year with my diet and exercise plan intact, but it soon became apparent, as I trained for my first Duathlon that something was wrong.  "Suck It Up Buttercup" is what the fitspo meme says so I did and pushed on through.  Sometimes as many as three intense workouts per day and I was loving it.  I was beasting!  It felt amazing until the dizziness would hit or the sensation of walking on golf balls would strike and the pain in my back wouldn't allow me to sit, lay down or stand up for more than ten minutes at a time.  It got rough.  So rough that while on vacation and training for a half marathon my body shouted back at me and just stopped.  I hadn't been listening.  One of, if not the scariest moments of my life.  Finally, I stopped.

I stopped back in August.  There are too many factors to go into it, but lets just say life has changed drastically for me.  I'm more about balance now, gentle exercise and intuitive eating and trying to heal from severe food sensitivities.  Concepts that at one time I thought were pretty hippy and flaky.

There were a few times last Fall that I was sure I was a goner.  I am so in awe of the resilience of my body and its ability to forgive and heal when I finally started to listen to it.

Prayerfully one day I will get back to my 10:23 mile and get to bike 25 miles, come home and swing my kettle bell, then go running with my girls.  However, until then I will be healing and finding balance.

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How connected are you to your body?
Are you balanced in your diet and exercise?

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  1. You are amazing, Gina! I love this idea for a blog series. It's so hard to learn to love your body no matter's definitely something with which I struggle! Thanks for sharing at #FoodandFitnessFriday; have a great weekend!