Thursday, November 19, 2015

Weekly Workout Recap November 8 - 14th, 2015

This week has been a week of awesomeness.  First of all I was able to get in three days of C25K running on the elliptical.  Remember, I am on the injured list until I find out what is wrong with my pack or it heals on its own.  I almost feel silly or like a cop out for saying, "I'm running on the elliptical" but it is what it is right?  I also got to complete six days of DDP Yoga.  To say I'm excited would be an understatement!

Here is Toddler Girl getting her downward dog on.  She can do it perfectly with heels on the ground, knees straight and head between her shoulders but I could capture a picture of it.  I am feeling good about my downward dog.  It is a great improvement.  

Somebody likes popsicles and smoothies, but they don't like eating lefty green veggies.  So you know how I do it.  Trick them if you have to lol!  

This right here is a super proud moment I had on Tuesday!  I was able to push up onto my toe and complete the move rather than the modified position because of having Hallux ridigis in both big toes.  You can read more about my adventures with Halli (as I affectionately call it)  here.  So here I was proudly up on both toes with no pain then or after practice.  That is a major accomplishment for me.

Wednesday, I wasn't feeling great so I took a break and picked back up on Thursday.  Portugese Love by Teena Marie kept be grooving on the elliptical!  That girl could sing!  Not sure what I'm talking about?  Check it out here.

This is a must read.  Everyone who said that procrastination was not an issue for them had a change of heart after reading this post.  Read it and leave a comment on your procrastination status!

I love a good carrot cake and I have found that you can replicate a look of your sweet treat favorites in smoothies.  This version is completely #diaryfree.  I know you are going to want to make for your family because it is todder approved by Toddler girl.  Follow the link for the recipe

And I finished up week 6, I repeated this week, strong.

How did your workout week go?