Friday, October 2, 2015

Incident On The Trail & Fit Faith Link Up

I told you guys I have at been at this exercise thing for a minute. So to honor #throwbackThursday I decided to share this exercise funny I wrote about two years ago. It captures the hilarity of my one of my training days. I hope you enjoy it.

Baby girl and in the Jingle Jog 2013

November 3, 2013
W1D7 - Long Run

Well the first week of training is done.  Novice 1 Higdon Half Marathon app, scheduled training calls for three runs, two cross training components and two suggestions of strength training and stretching each week for 12 weeks. I haven't started off with the best consistency.  I've run twice. Cross trained, cross training of choice is cycling, and completed a strength training session. I know I gotta pick it up which I will this week coming.

Today's long run was a whopping four miles.  I say whopping because for me a run of any distance is a challenge. Oh, and I forgot to mention four miles pushing baby girl in her stroller. And because of work schedules are not concerned that you have to train, all Long Runs will be accompanied with my sidekick.

It is getting cooler now so it is a little lonely out on the trails.  The leaves are changing colors and are gently falling to the ground.  Zj is hooting, pointing and squealing in delight as she enjoys the Fall display.  As we are approaching the end of our second mile I thought I heard the sound of base waffling on the wind.  The kind you hear when a car playing loud music goes by but we are two miles deep into the forest. Nowhere near the road.  I listen closely to see if I was mistaken... Nope, there it is again.  I better look back as it seems to be coming closer.  I start to feel a little anxious.  Where are all the cyclist that were whizzing by, way too close to us, earlier!

As I turn, I see the most shocking sight. One you don't expect to see in the forest.  You know how in those old westerns, when the bad guys ride into town and slowly come into view? Billowing dust and all?  I lie not to you not, I turned and saw five guys in anything but cycling attire coming into view. They donned dark shades, do rags, and had tricked out bikes to accompany the booming base music.  What is going on?  I'm on the trail in the middle of the FOREST, not at a gas station in the wrong neighborhood.  I felt just like the people in those primitive towns as a sense of doom settle over me.  Everybody inside, lock the doors, shut the windows. However, in my case it was put your iPhone away. Baby? Check! Wallet? OMG! As they got closer I realized there was nothing that I could do, so I thought, "JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!"

As they got close, I told myself, "Girl stop the madness".  As they went by, they looked at me.  I looked at them. One said, "Ma'am". I said, "Hey" as they rode by bobbing their heads to the base with serious super serious expressions on their faces.  Oh, and look, there's the base speaker strapped to the back of the bike.  Just as I was beginning to relax I hear someone else behind me. Here come two more from the Tribe Called Cycle.  A girl with an extra long two toned ponytail, glittering eye makeup and long lashes.  Straight out of LL Cool J's song Around The Way and her companion.  Another gangster looking type.  All that was missing was the lollipop.  She smiled nicely at us.

As the base faded away it occurred to me that I might have looked as strange to them as they did to me.  I was definitely not the expected suspect to be out here running and pushing a stroller.

As Zj and I turned at our mid point I scold her, "Zj, it is not nice to stereotype."

What funny experiences have you had while out exercising?

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  1. LOL I guess there is no "type" when it comes to getting out there and exercising! I would have felt the same way out there alone with my baby though.

  2. Ha! Loved your "it's not nice to stereotype" scolding.