Friday, October 16, 2015

Beautiful Creative Inspired Link Party #7

It's busy around here with lots to share with you.  We kicked off your Book Club with a book review and giveaway.  Another post called Make Peace With Being Different and of course my favs.  Let's jump to it.

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This week we launched our book club.  Reading is an excellent way to download new thought patterns.  The first book was one from my collection called The Swing by Tracy Reifkind - A Revolutionary Kettlebell Program.  We are celebrating the opening of the club by having a giveaway of the book.  Be sure to enter below.
I also wrote another very personal post earlier in the week that I am sharing with you called Make Peace With Being Different.
And I almost forgot.  If you have been on my blog lately, you will see that I have become a #MoveItMondayAmbassador.  Very heady stuff for me.  

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Fit Chick's Gluten Free Buffalo Chicken Pizza Eat Me Guilt Free Baked Goods
This week's favs this week are all about food.  Clearly I'm hungry or have food on the brain, right?!

Gluten free Buffalo Chicken Pizza by Fit Chic Next Door
& lovely baked good in Food of the Moment by Healthy Helper

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