Friday, September 4, 2015

The Beautifully Creative Inspired Link Party #1

Welcome to the launch of The Beautifully Creative Inspired Link Party - this is a weekly party where bloggers and readers can be inspired by creative, informational and fun posts from tons of blogs around the web. You will find yummy recipes, awesome creative projects and many more. It is also a great way to meet and mingle with bloggers you find here. Best of all, the posts you share at this link party will be shown on 5 different blogs! Can you say “Show me the Traffic!”

We are so glad to have everyone (new visitors and returning party goers from City of Links - Link Party) joining us this week and I am especially glad to have these lovely ladies hosting this party with me.

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Things are happening around here.  Aren't you loving the idea of this link up with five different hosts? It is all pretty exciting!  I consider those following this blog a part of Team Mirror Watching.  Team Mirror Watching is a family of people inspiring each other to be our best.  Welcome to the family. 

Family is connected right and how can we be connected if you don't know anything about me?  Well I think this post will bring you up to speed pretty quickly.  My Lifestyle Change Is Changing My Life is a great post about where I was, where I currently am and where I am headed. I hope you enjoy my journey and will share your journey in the comments.  


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1. Color Layering by Let It Shine

2. That Time I Put My Health First by Mommyzoid

3. Letting Our Kid Be A Kid In Nature by Mommyzoid

4. Pasta Arabiata by Ramblings of a (Bad) Domestic Goddess

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