Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Is The Third Time The Charm?

 Weekly Workout Recap June 7 - 13, 2015

What an exciting, active week I have had.  It has been nothing short of awesome!


I had been wanting to work out with my sisters for sometime now.  It is always fun when family can work out together.  They live in DC so I was really excited to be heading that way for a few days.  I had so many work out scenarios playing in my mind.  Also, I was hoping to take Limey as well.  I wanted to ride around the National Mall.   Hubby vetoed Limey coming because the trip was going to be hectic and he didn't want to be worried about the bike on the back of the car for a 14 hour car drive.  Booo!  Turns out that it rained the entire drive to DC (Limey doesn't do wet) so not taking the bike worked out.  Secondly, I was terribly sick for the first few days there.  Seemingly I can't get my immune system straightened out.  Are you all praying for me?  So at the end of my trip I got a chance to do a little something, something with my sister Bev.  She walks over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, located in the National Harbor, most days, so I figured I would join her on the Sunday.  The walk went well.  We did five miles.  The Captial Wheel and sail boats in the harbor where great entertainment while my sister and I caught up.



I missed Limey so much that when we arrived back in GA at 8 am by 9 am I was back on the trail with Limey.  Reunited and it feels so good! You remember that? Clearly I'm hooked on cycling.

Prior to today I have made two attempts at trying to make the 19 mile trek from Avondale Estates to Stone Mountain.  The first time I was dehydrated and decided I better turn back.  It was pretty rough. The second time I had a good friend with me (who was a newbie) who didn't fair well and we turned back.  Third time must be a charm, right? 

Six miles in and I'm feeling good.  A male rider comes up and starts a friendly conversation.  As he passes me, he mentions that it seems like I'm loosing air out of my tire.  I hear the air escaping and the tire goes flat.  Limey is busted. (It is only when you get a flat do you relize the importence of knowing how to fix a flat and having the tools on board your bike.)  My new friend directs me to a bus stop to wait for him.  He is parked at Stone Mountain and is willing to go, pick up his truck and give me a ride back to my car.  I said ok. Wait, What?!  Clearly I was caught up in the shock of the flat tire and stuck in nowhere.  As I sat in the bus shelter my senses returned.  I could not get in the car with a male stranger. I was doing fine until he came along.  Maybe he sprinkled a little something on the ground.  However unlikely I wasn't taking any chances.  A girl has to be sensible to stay safe, right.  

No money and never having caught the bus in GA I was clueless. I know the bus has a bike rack, but how exactly does that work again?  Hmm.   I called hubby, who never answers his phone, and mentioned the situation.  After having driven for 12 hours from DC, he packed the princess in the car and came to get me. Isn't he precious! When hubby arrived, my new stranger friend was there. Together they got the bike in the car.  Hubby thanked him.  My new friend's response was he was only doing what he hoped someone would do if his wife if she was stranded on the side of the road. 

The third try was not the charm. 



Usually Tuesday is a rest day for me, however, I am aware that my body looks better with strength training.  The only issues I have is when.  How do I fit it into my schedule?  Does this mean I have to get up before Princess three days a week.  Which ultimately means going to bed earlier.  Since getting to the gym to lift heavy is not going to happen, I decided to make nice with my 20 lb Kettlebell.  

So on Tuesday I got up early and got to swinging that Kettlebell.  I did a routine by Blenderfitness.com. Blender Fitness provides a complete library of workouts online for FREE and they also accept donations.  I totally enjoyed the workout and it was easy to follow along.  Of course Princess got up before it ended, but it was a very productive workout.  You can review the workout below.

As you can see the workout kicked my butt.

A few hours later I was convinced I was dying.  

This day turned into a mandatory rest day looool! I hurt from head to toe and was moving slowly.


The fourth try yielded success.  I cycled strong into Stone Mountain Village.  It turned out that on my first try I was only a mile and a half away.  Oh well.  I was so proud.  

As I was entering the village I noticed a group of ladies heading out.  Once I finished, I turned around as fast as I could to catch up with them.  It took some effort, but I made it about 2.5 miles out.  Turns out we all belonged to the same riding group Black Girls Do Bike: ATLANTA and they invited me to ride with them.  It was a lot of fun and my first time riding in a group. 

Till next time ladies!

As it turns out, one of the ladies has a toddler around the same age as my Princess.  We exchanged contact info to take a ride with our girls together in trailers.  


Friday - rest day


Saturday marked the beginning of the AtlantaCyclingFestival.com.  There is something going on everyday for a week.  You name it, it is happening.  Check for their calendar of events here.

I attended an event hosted by Michelle of Aztec Cycles where Stephanie Hudson, League Cycling Instructor, conducted a Womens Bike Basics & Beyond workshop at Arabia Mountain. OMG! It was an awesome class!  It answered so many of my questions, gave me confidence in the areas I had figured out for myself and once again, it gave me the opportunity to meet like minded people. Something I've found to be so important along my lifestyle change. (Sorry no pic)

And lastly for the week I popped over to Haute Cycles where the very generous Leigh gave me a lesson on how to fix a flat. She took something that was so intimidating and made it manageable for me. All while the talkative and curious Princess poked about. Thanks Leigh!


Even with all the amazing workouts I had this week, the highlight of the week was my non-scale victory.  NSV:  Twice this week I was referred to as an athlete.  It came with mixed emotions as I am just beginning to receive myself with that title.  To hear others, recognize my efforts in that category feels very interesting.  Who knew there was an athlete inside of me?!  I am making so many amazing discoveries about myself on this journey.

How was your week?!

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