Friday, April 24, 2015

Lion Flowers and Girlfriends (Avondale Lake)

As many of you know and for those that didn't, I have an amazing sidekick.  My Robin to her Batman.  She is:

  • The major inspiration for changing my lifestyle and become fit and healthy, 
  • My main exercise partner (baby girl can drop a hot squat),
  • And the reason for this new blog section. Atlanta Toddler. 

Introducing Zj (aka Robin)!

Currently, I am in Duathlon training and she is right there with me most days in some form or fashion. Here is a pic of us from before hitting the biking portion of training last week. (read about it here)

I am a SAHM (stay at home Mom, for those of you new to the game lol)  and Robin and I are out and about almost every day of the week in this awesome city and the surrounding areas. Atlanta Toddler will cover our amazing adventures through the parks, numerous events and play dates across the city like today with our buddies MJ of and her princess Z.

 Both girls attend P's In The Pod in Avondale Estates and I had been dying to take them to see the ducks at just a few streets over at Lake Avondale.  We knew we were pressing our luck by going after school with two tired toddlers.  Both of them claimed they were not tired and it was such a gorgeous day. Plus there is nothing like a little fun in the sun to help nap time along. 

Lake Avondale is a beautiful and peaceful spot located in the city of Avondale Estates a few streets over from Main Street.  Hubby and I found this spot originally when house hunting.  We did not decide to settle here, however the location is so pretty and tranquil we have returned many times over the years just to enjoy the park.  The lake seems to be the central social hub of the area so there is lots of  activity. You will find runners, walkers and bikers alike.  From the nursery to the lake is a two mile loop and from time to time I will run or walk the loop before picking Robin up for the day.   The lake is stocked with fish and you will often see people fishing.  The area enjoys fireworks on Independence Day and sports a lovely lit tree in the middle of the Lake during the Christmas season.

The lake is prettiest when the leaves change in the fall and again when the trees bloom in spring. Robin and I usually stop to see the display on our return trip from the Dekelb Farmers Market.  We get to sit quietly, have some lunch and enjoy the scenery.  Robin likes trying to get close to the ducks.

Today, as with any other day we have visited, the lake and surrounding park is beautiful.  The girls enjoy their walk around the lake as MJ and I point out the turtles, ducks and geese. We take a break so the girls can enjoy a swing on one of the many hanging benches.  Robin teaches Z how to walk along the cobbled curb which has been a must on every visit since she learned to walk.  Ultimately, I would have to say that the highlight of the day was finding the patch of dandelion flowers, or lion flowers as she calls them, and making a big bouquet to blow.

For these girlfriends saying goodbye is never easy and the exaggerated tiredness from their romp around the sunny lake is not helping.  

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  1. Awwww look at our babies! This was such a fun day. Poor Z, she just hates saying goodbye. Thanks for introducing us to the lake Gina.

  2. Awe those two are too cute! Atlanta Toddler is going to be a cool way to document your little one's adventures.