Monday, April 13, 2015

Flash Forward Five

This morning I was happily greeted by Facebook with a memory from my 2010 timeline.

Squat like this, squat like that, squat catch the ball, squat throw the ball, squat pick up the ball. SQUAT! SQUAT! SQUAT! Trainer: "Tonight guys you will be in a lot of pain, don't worry". eh?!
I know it doesn't look like much, but let me explain.   Looking back at this post represents a major victory in my life! Just a few months before I had started walking and lost 30 pounds.  I felt I needed to up my game and after talking to Josh the owner FitWit I joined.  That was five years ago.  Many days I experienced extreme muscle pain and thought I would die but I didn't.  That boot camp exploded me onto the fitness scene.  A world I had never even glimpsed before and I have been here ever since.  Through pregnancy, complications, illness, diagnosis, multiple injuries and every type of interruption, I'm still here.  With over 115 lbs gone from my body I'm stronger than ever, and training for my first Duathlon.  Me? Training for a Dua-what?!   Over time my focus has changed from being skinty to being fit, but my ultimate goal has remained the same.  To change my lifestyle and to become active.  Seeing this post from the past this morning helped me to realize that I accomplished just that.

Weekly Workout Recap / Week 4 Duathlon Training  April 6-12, 2015


30 min Bike:  good ride getting stronger each time I get on the bike
2.25 mile Run:  best thing ever was starting the C25K again.  My mind is beginning to focus
5 reps 30 Sec Plank:  Started the #rockMyCore Challenge this week.  Better late than never.  My toddler wanted to join in and we did them together. Man, I wish I could squat like her.


Rest:  No, I didn't do the yoga session - hoping to do it on Saturdays rest day.
#rockYourCore cardio high knees with a twist. 5 sets of 15 - I remembered at the last minute and did them in the wrong bra. Lord, have mercy!


Bike 45 mins / Run 15:   OMG!  I took the family on this one.  Hubby was miserable from the hilly terrain and Z talking him to death.  My fault for not packing the right snacks and toys into the chariot. 15 mins in and we had stopped four times.  The fifth emergency stop was because Z was screaming she had wet her pants.  Hubby was ready to head back to the car.  After investigation, we discovered the water on the chariot floor was the condensation from the water bottles.  I ended up taking Z to potty in the bushes and we continued the rest of the way uninterrupted.  
The run was a little difficult.  Running after biking is tricky for me.  I feel dizzy in the hips.
Crunchy Frog 5 sets of 15:  Lol this was funny trying to get my coordination together but again I got it done. 


Bike 60 & Reverse Crunches:  Very, very productive day, but instead of biking in my scheduled time frame I opted to do it later.  Limey (the bike) was strapped to the car all day, but I never got to go riding.   Reverse crunches went well.


Run/Walk 30 mins:  Thought I would be able to catch up from yesterday, but it was not to be.  It rained all day and night. Now I'm two days behind.


Rest Day:  I don't have child care on Saturdays, so even though it was a rest day I couldn't play catch up either.  I just chalked it up as a missed opportunity and let it go.


Run/Walk 15 and Bike 45:  I was anxious for a number of reasons about this workout.

  1. I had missed days in the schedule 
  2. I hoped I hadn't lost my gains
  3. Could I actually ride more than 7 miles and hour
  4. Would I get over the dizziness in my legs
Well, my fears were put to rest on all four counts.  I hadn't lost a thing.  I rode for an hour and I did ten miles even still braking downhill.  My butt was fine and I ran for half an hour after biking.  This time I did a little stretching that my Cycle Coach Nedra suggested and I was perfectly fine.  I was impressed.

I'm at the midway point in my training now.  I knew taking on this Duathlon was going to be challenging for me, but believed for some crazy reason that I could do it.  Even when I was disappointed because I could only ride 4 or 5 miles an hour, something keeps letting me know I can do it.  Now I'm beginning to see the training paying off and I'm getting excited.

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  1. It sounds like you had a great training week with the run on Monday and the ride on Sunday. It's always nice seeing hard work payoff :)

  2. You've accomplished so much and it's great to be reminded of that!

  3. I'm so impressed with your weight loss and your training! Keep it up!

  4. Biking is such a great way to get in shape and I find you see improvements quickly. So glad to see you are #RockingYourCore too. Have a great week

  5. I love flashback posts for the very reason that you've described. They're so meaningful and remind us of just how far we've come!

    1. I agree. Sometimes I get so focused on going that I forget who far I've come already.

  6. welcome to #rockyourcore - glad you are joining us! have a fantastic week!

  7. Awesome. Those flashback posts are fun to see how much things have changed. :)

  8. flashback posts are great for reminding you how far you've come! you got this!

  9. How awesome is this. Girl you have certainly met those goals you set back then! I'm tired just reading about your week - you sure do have a ton of energy!! Keep it up!

  10. Welcome to #rockyourcore! Be sure to link up your social shares to win awesome prizes :)

  11. 115 lbs gone. That is so amazing! Looks like you had a killer workout week!

  12. Keep going! You are doing great! WTG on your duathlon training and so happy you are joining us for #rockyourcore.

  13. It's so awesome when we randomly look back and realise how far we've come. Sometimes we can get so bogged down by where we're not, that we forget where we started. Always nice to get a reminder :D

  14. I have a love hate relationship with time hop haha. but sometimes it's great to be able to look back and see how far you've come since usually it doesn't feel like much.

  15. I just started boot camp a couple of weeks ago and am looking forward to seeing results. Your story is so inspiring and is motivating me to keep pushing :) Congrats and staying focused on your goals!

  16. You're doing awesome!! Such an inspiration!!

  17. It is great to look back at where we have been so that we can enjoy and celebrate wher we are. It was nice to read part of your journey.

  18. I love flashback posts!! They are such a good way to keep focused and reminded that we've come a long way, learned a lot and gotten a lot braver in our pursuits!

  19. Oh my goodness your daughter is SO CUTE! They really can squat, can't they?! Love hearing your story at the beginning, btw. Very inspiring! You're awesome!!!

  20. Congrats on your wonderful transformation and speaking of biking, I'm taking the advantage of it being a warm day in Chicago and I will be doing a 20 mile bike ride this afternoon. #wowlinkup

  21. Awesome workout week. Welcome to #rockyourcore :)

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday!