Saturday, March 28, 2015

Semi Race Announcement & Two Challenges

When I think back on it, I believe I have been without a consistent exercise routine since just before Thanksgiving.  Not that I haven't exercised at all.  I've done a bit here and there, but it would seem that everything (LIFE) just kept me off kilter.  
  • I took ill just before Thanksgiving.  I can't seem to stay well since I stopped breast feeding.
  • Then it was Thanksgiving and it started getting cold so I began to drop off from my running group.
  • Then I had intense planning and packing for my month long stay in Bermuda.
  • Zj's birthday party and Christening in Bermuda.  Every try planning and event where you don't live? In a foreign country and you prefer to do everything yourself?  OMG, what was I thinking? But it was awesome and we will have family memories forever behind this one.
  • Zj's Pirate Princess Birthday Party
  • Then Christmas & New Years and all the events and food that goes with that.  It was Zj's first Christmas in Bermuda.
  • Then just when we arrived back home, and I thought things would be getting back to normal, and both Zj and I got sick back to back all the way from January through the end of February.  Hubbs had to take off from work on two different occasions to care for us and even fell ill himself a couple of times during that stint.
We only just resurfaced at the beginning of March and I am working hard to get up to speed.  I was feeling bad because I had put on some weight and because I'm not where I had planned to be by this time of the year.  But none of it matters now because it is what it is, so I won't waste any energy on that.

A fellow fitness blogger Safari of Fit Moma posed a question on her Facebook Fan Page one day last week.  It was something about not being where you want to be and what are you going to do about it.  I responded by saying I do better when I am training for something specific.  And that got my mind turning about what I could possibly do.  

What could I do?  I don't run long distances or do anything involving excessive jumping or foot bending because I have foot issues, as mentioned in "What's Up With Falling Down?".  I have Hallux Rigidus to be exact and in both feet.  Halli as I call it, gotta keep it lite, can be limiting, but I find ways to work around it when I can.  I love the idea of a race and a challenge. So here is my solution,  I will train for a Duathlon and participate in two challenges.  

Semi Race Announcement

Don't laugh lol, as I myself laugh.  That's right, I'm announcing my semi race announcement.  I, for the last week, have been training for the Callaway Gardens Duathlon 2015.  Callaway Duathlon is in Pine Mountain, GA Sunday, May 10th and it involves running a 5K, biking 30K then running another 5K.  Can I confess something?  I'm finishing up the first week of training and can I tell you that I'm scared.  I haven't been on my bike since last spring and I'm sure "it" will happen again. And even though I'm back out with my running crew, BGR Atlanta Eastside, I am still yet to make myself run the whole 5K.  So why is the announcement 'semi'?  Well, I don't want what happened to this lady to happen to me. So, my solution is to train consistently until 'Decision Day'.  Decision Day is April 24, before the entry fee goes up, to make my final decision about entering the race.  If I had to base entry on this week's performance it would be a no go.  Let's just say runners are passing me on my bike and ibuprofen have become very well acquainted.

Challenge 1:  Rock Your Core Challenge
This challenge is being hosted by a fellow fitness blogger Diatta of  Femme Fitale Fit Club.  If I even have a little chance of being ready for this race I'm definitely going to need to get my core together. Follow the above link to Diatta's blog to get challenge details.

Challenge 2:  The Win Win Dietbet Challenge
I will be hosting this challenge on my blog Mirror Watching with progress and a wee bit of trash talk on my Fan Page.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can offer someone who is trying to make a change is to find a community of people who have experienced success at what you are attempting to accomplish.   It makes the journey so much more doable seeing other people work through it.  Finding that community is not always easy to do, but my "Win Win Diet Bet Challenge" can help with that.

Here Is How It Works

So there you have it.  

The concept is brilliant.  Mingle with like minded friends, work on your weight loss goals, get some extra motivation and if you meet your goal, win money.  It can't get any better than that.

Start Date:  Wednesday, April 1 - 28th.
The Bet:  $25
How To Win:  Lose 4% of your weight in four weeks

Will you join in the fitness fun?

If you would like to participate, please sign up and select the 'Win Win Diet Bet Challenge' box. I will send you all the details you need to get started. 

Also, if you would just like to stay connected and support each other please sign up as well.  We are very positive over here!

* indicates required
Choose one or choose them all it is up to you!
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Whew!  I will have a lot going on over this next month.  I hope you will be rooting for me as I train for the Duathlon.  You can follow my progress on my Facebook Fan Page and I may start a weekly workout wrap on the blog so you can see all the workouts. Please join me in both challenges and share them out to your friends and family.

What are your plans to get up and moving over the next month?

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  1. Awesome! So excited for your duathlon!!! I love cycling more than running...can't wait for the weather to cooperate for some outdoor rides...

    1. Thanks I'm very excited but a little nervous as well.