Friday, January 2, 2015

Its All In The Name

Mirror Watching... The name choice is different, a little odd, but I like it.  It is a snippet or summary of the tag line which is the purpose of this blog, “Trying to see the real me in the mirror”.

When I initially joined, two and a half years ago, they asked for some profile info. Basic stuff so people can get to know you and understand your reason for joining.  Prior to filling out the profile I had expressed to hubby that there seemed to be a disconnect between who I thought I was and what reflected back at me in the mirror. So much so that many times I didn't recognize myself not only in the mirror, but in pictures, walking by windows or any type of imagery other than intentionally looking at myself. So when mfp asked for the reasons why I was joining them the words, "trying to see the real me in the mirror", flowed out.

Initially, it simply meant I was sick of looking at fat in the mirror.  I wanted to be skinny. Nothing deep just skinty with my breast, butt and hips still in tact. Isn't that what we all want? As time went on and I became more physically fit not only did I start slimming down, but a few other things started to happen.  I was able to do more, I had more energy, I got stronger, my endurance increased and I started doing things I wasn't even interested in nor thought I would ever do. However, the most significant change for me was my mind. Unexpectedly, my mind was shifting. The limits and boundaries I had, unknowingly, placed on myself started easing and lifting and I started desiring more.  Now I want to know what else was I capable of and how much more can I do. Not only in fitness, but in life.

Was it hard?  Yes, the workouts were challenging and no I couldn't do them as well as everyone else and yes, I looked ridiculous and my fat clapped (really lol) but my mind had started to change. Showing up every day with a positive attitude and willing to do my best, even when I’m scared or embarrassed, has overhauled my life.  I don’t have to be dropped off at the door because I refused to walk anymore.  I can run up to eight miles. Squats, lunges, running, jacks, weights and them are my love hate besties and oh how I love the burn.  I still don’t care for burpees, but if that is what my trainer wants, I comply.  

So I guess you are wondering if at 100+ pounds down have I glimpsed the real me in in the mirror yet? Yes I have and she doesn’t look at all as I expected, skinty.  She is more confident, inspired and unexpectedly, she is strong.  Those three qualities look better on her than makeup. I’d imagine that when I reach my goal, she will look just like me.

Let’s celebrate and support each other.  Friend me on my username is GinaRicky Put in your friend request that you are a fan of Mirror Watching.

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