Saturday, January 3, 2015

Its About To Go Down!

It's Going Down!

Sunday, January 4th, 2015 is when the rubber is going to hit the road.  Even though I have already lost 100+ pounds I have slowed down to a little more than a trickle on my nutrition and fitness journey since mid Fall, however Sunday I will be getting back up to full speed.

First up 7 Day Cleanse / Detox & A Gallon of Water

I like to start fresh for the following reasons:

  • It cuts the sugar, salt and fat cravings - time to crave green
  • Cleanse my intestines - you can hold up to 10 of excess weight, yuck!
  • Hydrate - I have an issue with staying hydrated as I perspire so much when exercising
  • Eliminate bloating- I don’t want my tummy any bigger than necessary
  • To give my system a nice clean space to build.

You can find my plan of choice here.  Thanks to for posting her detox protocol and recipes.  Kayla also dishes, some useful advice about detoxing.  My word of advice would be to be prepared. Nothing is worse that trying something new and you are not ready.  I should know based on my recent epic fail because of hasty excitement. You can read about that disaster here.

Why would anyone post such personal business on the web?  There are a couple of reasons:
1. To be honest, accountability works well for me.  You can read more about that here
2. I refuse to be ashamed or embarrassed. It's just another self imposed prison
3. There are others out there in the struggle and it helps to know that you are not alone
4. Camaraderie, it’s nice to have a group of like minded folk to support and celebrate with.

So if any of this touches you in a positive way to join up with me and lets be helpers of one another and do this thing.

Here are a couple of posts I think you might need to read about me to see if we can vibe:
What's It All About?
This Is Not The Way
It's All In The Name

Sunday I will be post the Full Monty, which will be a post with stats and pics of where I was and my current status.  And then early next week I will post What Success Look Like To Me.  We all define it differently so I just wanted to let you know my take on it.

This is going to be an interesting ride.  I’m not putting a time limit on it and I’m sure life will happen as usually it does.

Are you in? If so you can join me at:

  • Mirror Watching for updates on my progress, recipes, exercise, some encouragement, a little drama and a laugh or two
  • for a little extra and some convo
  • is where I record my exercises, nutrition and get my high five’s! (username GinaRicky)
  • is my meal planner (username GinaRicky)
  • for a little of everything!
May be I'll open an Instagram.  I'll let you know.

See you Sunday!

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