Monday, December 29, 2014

What's It All About

A new year is coming and I am excited for all that it will bring. But I'm also a little tired. Tired of being inconsistent. I want to be even with my nutrition and fitness so that I can reap the benefits and move on to a new challenge like learning another language or mastering another discipline. I want to completely reform, not just hit and miss. Interesting enough, I really believe I can do it. Which is where you come in.
I am the quintessential village raised girl. I grew up an only child, only grandchild and niece on a very small island where it seemed my family knew everyone, especially Nana. One uncle was a policeman, the other a prison officer, my aunt a school teacher.  Basically, people who knew people and all of those people were looking out for me. Sometimes it was annoying growing up with so many people with their eye on me, but I learned to be accountable to others, even when I didn't want to be accountable to myself.  People were depending on me. 

So I am starting this blog, Mirror Watching, to keep myself accountable to you and hopefully provide some support to anyone who may be traveling this road as well.  The posts will include:
  • My thoughts about this journey
  • Useful tips and tricks myself or others have tried that actually work
  • A laugh or two
  • Recipes
  • Workouts
  • A little drama from time to time
  • And a bit of encouragement
If you look at the tabs above you will see I intend to post my plan for change as well as my weigh ins (scary stuff). I will post that info over the next few days.

It is my hope that by the time I wind this blog up new habits will have kicked in and defeated inconsistency.



  1. I applaud you for your amazing accomplishments up to now. And bravo for taking things up even another notch with this blog!! 2015 is looking so bright for you. Can't wait to come along for the ride. x

    1. Thanks Debbie! You have been an awesome support.