Monday, March 13, 2017

Rough Day In The Mommyhood

Let me start by saying that at this very moment I feel that the solution to my problem is a seducing long stemmed goblet of luscious red wine.  Unfortunately I do not drink so no escape there.  However that is exactly what I feel I want - to escape.

Rough day raising kids
This pic says it all.  At the end of the day you are all looking crazy and perplexed and your kid(s) is bright
 and perky looking like what's next Mommy?!  In your mind you want to say, "Go sit down somewhere!"

Honestly, I'm tired. Mentally worn. The culmination of everything going on in my life has hit me.  For the last year hubby has been in grad school. What with assignments, 12 hour shift clinicals and 12 hour shifts working full time, Yeah, he's barely holding on but for Jesus.  Then for me the back flips of being a stay at home, homeschooling mom, not having family near and maybe some hormones, lol, have taken a toll on me.
Rough day in the mommyhood?You are not alone! Tweet: Have you every had a rough day in the #Mommyhood? You are not alone Come hear about mine! #momlife #parenting
Princess Talkalicous is good.  She is a driven, intelligent, bright light who entered the world embodying the principal of no is never final and all things are negotiable.  Her strong will and determination are admirable and needed but sometimes I just wish she would stop for goodness sake.  Everything is a battle.  She used to say that she couldn't wait until she was five because then she would be a teenager and no one would be able to tell her what to do.  Well, recently she turned five and to her dismay she is not a teenager and Mommy is still telling her what to do.

All jokes aside, today was rough!

As I write this note it is many hours past bedtime.   I can hear Princess singing to her bedtime CD ever so gently.  Most of what I wanted to achieve today did not happen.  I want to shout in there, "Go to sleep", but there have been too many raised voices, frustration and tears on both sides today.  So I resolve to reach deep, and I do mean deep, and extend love and grace to her once again.

Tonight I pray, center myself and rest.

Tomorrow I rise positively looking for better and start again.

In the meantime... Moms Night Out! ...anyone?


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Saturday, March 4, 2017

What Are Instant Locs?

It has been three weeks since my locs were installed and after observing my pics many of you commented that my locs looked fully formed already.  Well.... actually they are.  Instead of starting with two strand twists, comb or finger coils, I started my locs with instant locs.  Instant locs leaves you with fully formed loc with no shrinkage. Whaaaa....? Yes!

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So to help you understand what I mean I'm going to show you the exact video my loctician used to explain the process to me.

I hoped that helped?

So armed with my requests of slightly smaller than pencil width locs and no tension hair line my loctian got to work and...

Have your questions about instant locs answered.


I think, between my loctician and I, we made the best choices for my hair type and lifestyle needs. I am very happy with my results and my installation experience.

Finding the right loctician was critical.  Here are 5 tips for finding the right loctician.

I look forward to seeing my hair flourish over the next few months!


Be Inspired By Theses Loc'd Beauties

5 Tips For Finding The Right Loctician

So you want to get your hair loc'd.  You've been thinking about locing your hair for years and now you are ready to join the #loclife!  All that is left to do is find the right Loctician!

Tips on how to find the right loctician.

You may be ready but how do you go about finding that special person that can bring you loc vision to life?  Here are a few ideas that I have on the subject from my experiences with the wrong and the right loctician.

1. Educate Yourself 
Know or at least have a general idea of what type of locs you want.  As there are so many different types of locs from free form to sister locs. Additionally their are many different installation processes as well.  To name a few there is two strand twist which I used for my first set of locs.  There are finger/comb coils, crochet, interlocking and instant locs which is what I decided to loc with this go around.  More on Instant Locs here.

You may want to have a look at Pinterest for inspiration.  Also search for a whole host of vbloggers and locticians providing you with more information than you can imagine.  By the time you finish with your search you will be thoroughly informed.

2. Ask Around
If you have friends who have locs you admire, ask them about their experiences with their loctician to determine if they might be a good fit for you.

Also check to see if your current stylist knows of someone who would be suitable for you based on your wants and needs.  This is how I found my loctician.  After talking with my stylist about my past loc fail and what I was currently looking for she, even though she does locs, was able to recommend me to a loctician within the same salon.  Asking around paid off and turned out to be very convenient for me.

Asking friends what they would do differently knowing what they now know about locs is also extremely valuable.  Who doesn't like a free and easy resource.

3. Ask For A Consult 
Don't be afraid to ask for a consult before deciding on a particular loctician.  On that consult you want to know what they will charge to loc your hair type and length in the loc technique you are considering.  You don't want any surprises.  You also want to know whether that price includes a follow up appointment, a shampoo, a re-twisting or styling at a later date.  Be sure to ask all the questions you need to feel confident about your choice.

During your consult don't feel shy about asking to see some pics of the loctician's work.  Locing your hair is not cheap and it is not outside of reason to ask to see proof of their skill and ability.

Tweet: Find the right #loctician! 5 Tips on the #blog #locs #dreads #locjourney #starterlocs

Find The Right Loctician!

4. Don't Be Anxious
I find that whenever I get that just can't wait feeling,  that is the time I need to wait.  Locing your hair is a commitment of time and money.  There are lots of stories out there of people jumping in to quickly only to find out the services they received are not what they expecting or worse, damaging to their hair. Myself included!  Take your time in finding the right loctician for you.

5. Do You Like Their Vibe
This tip might seem unusual but it is very real.  You will be in close quarters with this person, most likely, in their environment for long periods of time.  You don't need to be best buddies with the person but you would want to know that you can you get along with this person.  You want to be comfortable being in their presence.  Alright with them touching you and that you are you OK with the vibe of the salon or the location, smoke - music selection - conversation?

I had a tapered cut (short hair) and it took almost 20 hours over a period of five days to have instant locs installed.  Imagine if I wasn't ok with the surroundings?!

Well there are my tips.  I'm sure there are many other things I could have included but these are what stood out to me for me as I prepared to begin my loc journey.

Wishing you the best experience possible with happy and healthy locs that leave you feeling amazing!


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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Prayers For My Little One

Here are the prayers mentioned in Teaching My Child To Pray. I created these prayers for my daughter when she was born. I have prayed them over and over again throughout her life.  So much so she knows them by heart.  I created them in a way that they would be launching pads for discussion and more in depth prayer as she grew.  

Evening Prayer

Dear God
You alone are God
Thank you for today
Thank you for your loving kindness and tender mercies
Thank you for providing for us
Please forgive us of our sins
Please remember my family and friends
And meet the needs of my neighbor
Protect us through the night
Give us wisdom in the morning
In Jesus name we pray

Morning Prayer

Father God
Thank you for another opportunity in this realm
Thank you for everything you have already provided for me to be a success in this day
I am a success
I pray that I remember to lift my eyes to you because you are my help
Cover and protect me
In Jesus name we pray


I bless this food
I thank you for providing it
In Jesus name


Here you will find prayer resources for children

Teaching My Child To Pray

Over the years I've learned that the only way to develop meaningful relationships is to invest time and energy into them.  The same can be said about developing a relationship with God.  There is so much more to knowing God than calling Him in times of panic and trouble.  In spending time with Him and ultimately talking to Him I have learned not only is He King of King and Lord of Lords, the Sovereign I Am That I Am but He is interesting and pretty cool as well.

We have discussed everything from everything from college exams - pre and post marital sex.  How  I didn't believe in marriage - please note that since my understanding was enlightened I now have been married for 18 years.  Through getting to know God, I can also say that Abba is my most valued friend and trusted source.

So much so I wanted to pass on not only my knowledge about God onto my daughter, but I wanted to give my daughter a taste of my relationship with God as a prelude to what her own relationship with God could look like.  A gift of experience.

My thoughts about teaching my child to pray

Teaching Her To Pray

Modeling The Behavior

Our children pattern our behavior. They learn more from watching us than they ever will from listening to us and because of this living honestly is critical.

I've done many of the traditional things such as taking her to church, reading and studying the Bible and we practice memory verses. She is getting older now and you know the part that has clearly stuck?  Worship and prayer.

When she was born, I didn’t know any kiddy songs or nursery rhymes so I rocked her to sleep with hymns, choruses and prayers.  Often times those were the only moments I got throughout the day to catch myself (you know new mommy life! lol) so I would pour out to God during those times and He would come down and meet me.  It’s been years, but every night and every morning she wants a prayer and a song.  I would be silly to stop now wouldn't I?

Honoring Her Uniqueness

Ever come across that prayer warrior who lines everything up for God with a multitude of words?  Telling God, what and how to do it?  Well that is kinda my style, lol.  Very detailed and leaving nothing out.  Baby girl though she is talkative like me she prays like her father.  What may take me thirty minutes to say he will cover in three simple, heart felt sentences followed up by a grateful amen.  

When we first got married and he would pray I would feel that he wasn’t putting enough into it.  You know I have control issues why else would I be trying to tell God how to do what He does! Over time I learned to calm my nerves and appreciate the simplicity and integrity of his prayer.  Now I watch him in amazement because there is no doubt that his prayers hit heaven.

Looking back it would appear that learning to appreciate my husband's prayer was the prelude receiving my little one’s prayers and not feeling the need to fix them.

Providing Her With Prayer Tools

When I say fix her prayers I mean teach her the 'rules of prayer'.  Elements like asking for and offering forgiveness, intercession, gratitude.  As important as they are I realize that she is well on her way and there will be time to teach her everything she needs to know.  Right now she enjoys the presence of God and wants to pray.  I’ll make the next steps as I feel led.  I don’t want to desecrate her humble and honest beginnings.

The Proof

To date is it working?   What has been the litmus test?   Well, you know they say that what you have truly imparted to you kids is demonstrated by what they do when you are not around.

One day after I completing our nightly routine, in which she calls “rocking” but there is no “rocking” involved, I tucked her into bed and went on to have my mommy time!  A little while later I heard talking coming from her room. As I got closer, she was addressing the nightmares that she had been having.  Telling them that they were to go away “get outta here” and not come back in Jesus name.  Her voice was very stern.  Then she asked God to protect her through the night from the bad dreams and she thanked Him.

Tears welled in my eyes.   

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Friday, March 11, 2016

What I Learned The First Week Of Homeschool


When I wrote We Survived The First Week Of Homeschool I had never interacted with the online homeschooling community other than to ask a few questions of some seasoned parents.  The outpouring of support and encouragement has been tremendous.  THANK YOU!!  Thanks so much for the well wishes and for getting to hear from the parents who preserved and now have graduating homeschoolers, so very encouraging. Thank you.

Jumping in the water of homeschooling, I must admit I was very timid. However, I must confess that now that I'm in, and a few weeks have passed, I'm actually starting to relax and enjoying myself.  Clearly that was not the case during our first week, but you live and you learn.  Here are three lessons I learned from the experiences of the our first week in homeschool.

It's Not About Me
Ever since my child has been born, I have been having a recurring lesson.  The lesson is "It Is Not About Me".  Quite an unusual concept for a single child and only child in the entire family for 18 years who was married for 13 years before having my one and only.  Can you get the picture I'm trying to paint?  Everything has always been about me or so it seemed.  So now to have to be concerned about my offsprings' interests over mine should be natural as a mother but sometimes that is not the case.  I am an awesome Mom, but sometimes I confuse what my daughter needs with what I want for her.  So the lesson continues into homeschooling.

I recounted to you in Part 1  how over a pain staking period of time I had prepared and planned for our homeschool adventure together.  So imagine the hurt and upsetment I encountered when my daughter refused to cooperate after only three days.  I was so upset at the rejecting of our plans that I couldn't even console her in her upsetment and I remained so that it disrupted my sleep.  Did she not understand all the work and effort that I went through to present this to her? How could she be so ungrateful?

No. This is why I stated in the companion post that hubby is a wise man.  He zeroed in immediately that I was offended and that I was mistaken in my belief that she was rejecting my efforts on purpose. He went on to explain that with her limited understanding could she really conceive all that we do for her particularly as it relates to homeschooling or anything else for that matter.   Intellectually, I didn't need him to explain any of that to me.  I knew it already, but having him explain the way he did allowed me to  put my ego to rest and release the grudge, yes grudge, I was holding against my four year old.  Parenting is soooo emotional!!!

Homeschooling Is Not A Work Project

I love project management.  There is something about pulling together and creating resources, working through the problems, perfecting and evaluating a project that excites me.  Creating something out of nothing.  In many ways project management is very similar to homeschooling and the skill sets have helped me get our homeschool up and running, but there is one thing that is very different very different that I did not anticipate.  The human component.

When I work a project its all about the manipulation of tactile resources in which I can order about.  Homeschooling is different in that I am working with a live human, my flesh and blood.  One in which I have determined will be a free thinker and analytical.  In turn, she thinks with confidence questions everything.  There is no blind following by this personality type yet she is tender and sensitive. In turn I have to be intentionally creative to garner her participation. My "let's just get it done" attitude doesn't work in this environment which pushes me to reevaluate my approach and demeanor to homeschool teaching. Patience and flexibility are calling my name. 

Allow For Transition
Remember the GIANT mistake I made when Princess expressed her concerns towards my new role as teacher and not the fun craft mommy?  I brushed off her concerns to satisfy my desire to execute.  It was not a wise decision as you find out as you read on.  What I learned from that portion of the experience is that I need to slow down.  Skip the time lines and blocks and just find our own flow.  So now what I used to pack into a week I now let spill over into two weeks.

Another transition tool was Miss Tanya.  Remember her?  She is my daughter's PMO teacher. Instead of getting my panties in a bunch, when my daughter expressed that she preferred Miss Tanya as a teacher over me, I went and solicited Miss Tanya's advice.  She is an instructor that gets good results from her students, why not have a closer look into how she does things?  One piece of advice she gave us was to create our activities around stations about our homeschool as opposed to trying to get a toddler to sit still for long periods of time.  It also simulated how the PMO classroom is laid out which would give her a sense of familiarity.  She was right.  Her advice has helped tremendously. Thanks Miss Tanya!

Basically, homeschooling seems to have morphed into my personal development project.  Lol, I had no clue it would be taking this route, but I'm willing to put the work in so that I can create a fun and creative learning environment for my very bright, intelligent, always negotiating, independent daughter. One which she looks forward to returning to each day.  

The weeks are passing smoother now, but not without stumbles.  On week three there was partial break down.  Part of the outburst included a statement about my not dressing cute for school like Miss Tanya.  OMG, now I have to bring my apparel game up too?  But on the serious, what she was trying to express was when she is in school everyone is dressed up.  Her, the other kids and Miss Tanya.  How could she know we are doing school work and not just playing around at home if she nor I were dressed up? It was a very good point and by taking time out to understand and acknowledge what she was saying, right there and then I was able to respond to her comments to her satisfaction.  We made a pact that there would be some kind of signal as to when we were homeschooling and when we were just hanging out.  After that discussion were able to continue on with our day easily.

There have been a lot of lessons to learn.  From the material to personally and discoveries about my daughter and I'm sure there will be many more lessons coming in the immediate future.   Honestly,  I'm just looking forward to merging Teacher Mommy and Fun Mommy.

(Why these last few paragraphs are red I have no idea.  So sorry!) 
If you would like to read the companion post to "What I learned The First Week Of Homeschool", please follow the link to "We Survived The First Week Of Homeschool".  

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Beautiful, Creative and Inspired Link Up #26

Welcome to the Party! We are live and ready to see all the amazing posts you have been working on all week. I have some great features for you and your family and one of them involves pranks on the kids.

And as usual new bloggers are always welcomed.

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It's the last few days of the heart health giveaway so if you haven't entered to win this FitBit Alta don't delay.  You can enter here.

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I have never been able to make a poached egg.  In this post Jacky of  Nom Recipes shares her non-vinegar technique that looks so easy I'm convinced I can do it!

Wishing for adventure on the high seas this summer with the family but don't know where to start?  Elaine of  Ramblings of a (Bad) Domestic Goddess can point you in the right direction.

April's Fool is coming and nows the time to get back at the pests in you life with one or two of these pranks from Teach Mama.

Morgan Manages Mommyhood got me on this one with a healthier twist of peanut butter cups.  Um!

That's it for this week's features.  I hope you enjoy them and now it is time for the PARTY!!

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